Musical Equipment

Johannus Monarke Organ

The digital classic organ installed at the Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts is manufactured by the eminent Dutch company Johannus Orgelbouw, with tonal and audio design by Bernies Music Land, Melbourne.

The Monarke Series from Johannus represents the pinnacle of Johannus research and development. Each Monarke organ is custom designed and individually manufactured exactly to clients’ needs – ‘from drawing board to fingertips’.

The ‘modern eclectic’ tonal palette of this three-manual, 93 stop/121 rank organ allows the effective performance of works from all major organ schools. The large but cohesive speaker design incorporates 54 speaker cabinets, with the sound being distributed in the ceiling, specially designed poles either side of the proscenium, backstage and the entire positive division is housed in a mobile on-stage cabinet. This allows favourable placement to suit performance needs, from intimate chamber and choral works to adding an extra ‘tonal-dimension’ to larger works.

Steinway & Sons D-274 Grand Piano

The concert grand piano Model D-274 is the overwhelming choice of concert artists and educational institutions throughout the world. It is synonymous with high quality, perfect sound and unsurpassed touch responsiveness.

8’ 11-3/4’’ (274 cm)
1 ¼’’ (157 cm)
990 pounds (approx. 480 kg)

The production of a Steinway grand piano takes about 12 months. If you add two years of drying and seasoning of the wood, three years have been invested and the instrument can leave the factories in New York and Hamburg to bring joy to its new owner. Throughout the manufacturing process, every grand and upright piano is meticulously hand-crafted. The challenge is to make each instrument perfect in its own special way – a perfect Steinway.


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