AV Equipment


Venue is acoustically a fully functional “concert hall”, sound reinforcement system consists of Stereo pair of Electrovoice Phoenix PX1122M 12” 2 way speakers, and multi delayed runs of 18 x Electrovoice EViD 8.2 delay speakers covering the under balcony areas, an audio loop covers approximately 1/3 of the main auditorium, and is driven from the same feed as the delay speakers.

There is one send of flown foldback on LX2, (EV SX100) and a pair of Quest 12” powered speakers available.

1 x Soundcraft Series Two 24/8/3 Mixing Console
8 x Microphone stands
3 x AKG C391B Shot gun microphones
5 x Vocal microphones (typically AKG C900, SM58, Beta87a)
1 x Denon DNT645 CD/Tape Player
4 x DI boxes
1 x lectern with motorized height adjustment, Shure microphone & light.
4 x Shure SLX radio microphone receivers
2 x Shure SLX Handheld TX with Beta87
3 x Shure lapel transmitters

Additional radio mics are available but extra charges will apply


Sanyo 4000 ansi lumen medium throw projector is flown from LX2 and utilizes the cyc cloth (approx 4 x 3m) as a screen, native XVGA 4:3, it is cabled to prompt corner via RGBHV (VGA) and Composite Video, there is a Kramer switcher in the PS rack, and may be selected to source VGA from control room.

There is some RGBHV BNC patching available to a few locations throughout the venue, there is a remote PTZ camera at the front of the balcony which is fed to the MATV system.  There is a 68cm CRT TV flown centre front of the balcony directed to the stage, there is not typically a camera available to feed this TV, but my be requested at an additional charge.


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