Lighting Equipment


A conventional three colour wash with white DMX dimmable fluro orchestra lighting, 9 specials, decal wash, and single colour side light is rigged over the stage. A 3-colour PAR64 based front of house wash with specials is rigged as standard. Cyclorama lighting is in three colours. The over stage area as standard is patched/focused dividing the stage into six areas, basic wash colours are Red, Blue and Straw, with Rose sidelights, (typical gel colours used are L106, L132, L120, L223, L134, L109, L154)

There is an LSC Isoport on every lighting bar, with two streams of DMX available, Dimming is two centralized patches, on-stage dimmers/patch to LX2, LX3 & LX4 and also patch outlets on stage side of proscenium wall, FOH patch to FOH bridge, LX1 and all patch outlets in auditorium.
Not included in normal hire, but available subject to availability is a quantity of Coemar iSpot575 & Geni OBY600 moving heads.

1 x Jands HOG1000 Lighting Console
96 x 2.5 Kw dimmers
6 x Selecon 500w X 4 cyc lights (patched with 2 x Blue)
16 x Selecon 650w Profiles 14/32
2 x Selecon 1.2Kw Profiles
Qty Leko 600 watt Profiles
42 x  1 Kw Fresnel’s
26 x PAR64
12 x PAR64 Ray lights
1 x 575w HMI Follow spots
1 x 16-Inch Mirror Ball


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